4x Soft Speaker Isolation Feet PC HiFi Turntable Anti-Shock Sticky Rubber Legs

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Model : Silicone Legs
Material : Silicone
Dimension : 10mm(H) x 18(W)mm
Application : Speakers, Subwoofer, Amplifier, PC case, Turntable, CD Player
Weight : 0.024Kg (4 pieces)
Max. Load-bearing : 20Kg (up to 5KG load per hemisphere)

Our high quality silicone feet are designed to improve the performance of standalone speakers/subwoofer/amplifier/CD player or turntable. They are designed to separate vibrations of the device  from the ground, which is very important, especially  for stand alone speakers but also for PC anf Hi-Fi systems, where a lot of devices generate "loud" vibrations. Our silicone feet can eliminate or minimize  vibrations and make your PC computer more quiet. Constructed with high quality silicone, contain a self-addhesive layer for easy installation.


  • 4 pieces of black rubber feet with self-adhesive layer