PVC PC Server Fan Dust Filter Dustproof Perforated Computer Case Mesh 300x200mm

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Material : PVC mesh
Color : Black

Width: 300mm

Length: 200mm

Holes diameter: 0.8mm

Thickness: 0.3mm



     For sale premium quality  PVC mesh  dust filter suitable for  PC computers, servers, and all sort  of electronic devices which contain fans.
     Device which contain cooling fans works like a hoover , sucking  dust through vent holes from the air into device. It can destroy  fan's bearing and as a result lead to overheating and serious damage of the electronic equipment.
     This PVC  dust filter will catch dust particles  and prevent them from getting inside of the device.

     Our PVC mesh can be easly cutted with scisors or stanley knife, it is easy to clean, can be washed in warm water and re-used again.


Price refers to a single 300x200mm  sheet of PVC mesh.
If longer pieces  required  please  choose  a multiple of 300x200mm pieces and we will send them in one long rolled piece. Width of the roll is 300mm, length of one piece is 200mm. 

This mesh will be dispatched via myHermes courier. 



  • 1 piece of 300x200mm dust filter sheet