Amec Thermasol Flat Heat Pipe Cooling Plate Fanless PC LED Light Heatsink

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Material: Aluminium

Material thickness: 2mm or 3mm

Application: Fanless PC, LED lights

Width: 26mm, 32mm, 40mm & 60mm

Length: 150mm, 200mm & 250mm

Pipe thickness Width Min. bending radius Max. heat transfer
2mm 26mm R5 30-90W
2mm 32mm R5 35-130W
3mm 40mm R7 40-150W
3mm 60mm R7 60-350W

For sale an excellent quality Amec Thermasol flat aluminium cooling pipes. Flat heat pipes getting more and more popular, replacing old traditional copper round heat pipes. They have much better heat dissipatch properties and efficiency. You don't requite  any tool to bend them to the shape you need , they can be just bent in hands.


A heat is applied to the surface of heat pipe, the working fluid is vaporized. The vapor at the evaporator section is at a slightly higher temperature and pressure than other areas. This creates a pressure gradient that forces the vapor to flow to the cooler regions of  the heat pipe. As the vapor condenses on the heat pipe walls  the latent heat of vaporization is transfered to the condenser. The capillary wick then transports the condensate back to the evaporator section. This closed loop process continues as long as heat is applied.

Available length: 150mm, 200mm and 250mm

Available width: 26mm(2mm thickness), 32mm(2mm thickness), 40mm(3mm thickness), 60mm(3mm thickness)

Please choose desired length and thickness of heatpipe  from a drop down menu.



  • 1 piece of flat heatpipe