DIY Intel H2 H3 H4 1150 1151 Silent Fanless Passive HTPC CPU Cooling 6mm Heatpipes

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Model : Intel DIY CPU cooling passive socket
Material : Aluminium
Application : Fanless Home Theater PC, Passive PC case
Noise : 0 dB!
Weight : 0.199Kg


Dear Customer! Please read  carefully before purchase!

This is a DIY cooling core, installation of this heat pipe cooling system will require a good manual skills and PC DIY experience. Depth of heatpipe cavity in this cooling  socket is 5mm.

So  each  heatpipe must be placed into cooling core clamp and squashed in the vice first, to receive result like on photo below:

Then  cooling socket can be assembeld together(as picture above show). Good thermal grease should be  applied into each heatpipe cavity to increase heat transfer from CPU to heatpipes.

Just a cooling socket offered on this  auction, without, heat pipes. Heatpipes and side radiator heatpipe mounting clamps can be bought from our online store.



  • Intel Cooling core for 6 heat pipes
  • underneath socket mounting plate
  • mounting screws with springs