Aluminium Extrusion C-beam Rail Profile 2040 V Slot CNC 3D Printer Openbuilds

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Model : JT-6-2040
Material : Aluminum(6063-T5)
Dimension : 20x40mm
Weight : 0.9kg/metre
Slot Width : 6mm

For sale a high quality aluminium V grove profile 20x40mm diameter . This profile can be used to build  CNC machine, 3D printer, RepRap or any other  metal frame construction. It is suitable for Openbuilds DIY  C-beam linear rail.

Following lengths available:  300mm, 400mm, 500mm, 750mm, 1000mm

Please choose desired length from a drop down menu, and add them to the cart.

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  • aluminum 2040 profile (please choose desired length from a drop down menu)