Brass Tinned Ring Terminals Wire Connectors Crimp Electrical Lug CableTerminal

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Material : Brass, tin plated(except M8,M10 & M12)
Color : Silver
Application : Electrical equipment, car audio systems, earth point wire connector, battery wires
Thickness : M2-M5:0.3mm, M6-M12: 0,5mm
Crimping Capacity : 0.5-1.5m㎡, 26-16 AWG

Screw Size D W L
M2 2.30mm 5mm 11mm
M3 3.30mm 6mm 15mm
M4 4.30mm 8mm 17mm
M5 5.30mm 8mm 17mm
M6 6.30mm 12mm 23mm
M8 8.30mm 18mm 28mm
M10 10.30mm 18mm 28mm
M12(not tin plated) 12.30mm 18mm 28mm

For sale a good quality brass ring connectors.
Ring connectors can be used as earth point wire terminals, in car audio equipment, and for variety of electrical applications. Our brass ring connectors are tin coated(except M12 size) , so they can be used indoor and outdoor too, as tin plating prevent brass oxidation and help to keep a good electrical conductivity. Our ring terminals can be crimped with SN-48B crimping tool. Wire cross sectional area used:
0.5mm²-1.5mm²(16-26 AWG).( for M2 ring terminal crimping area is smaller so SN-28B crimping tool should be used)

SN-28B/SN-48B Crimping Tool can be bought HERE



  • A lot of  ring connectors  (10 or 100 pieces , please choose quantity and diameter)