Dell HP 7.4x5.0mm Female to 5.5x2.5mm Male DC Plug Adapter Adaptor for HTPC Use

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HP and Dell are known from manufacturing high power(200W and higher) AC-DC brick adapters

However their DC power plugs are not compatible with most of Home Theater PC DC-DC internal power boards/PICO PSU boards

which use 5.5x2.5mm sockets.

This Plug adaptor will let you use  DELL or HP AC-DC brick adapter with HTPC DC internal power board.

Before purchase, please make sure that your internal power DC-DC board(or PICO PSU) works with higher than 12V voltage,

as most of Dell and HP AC-DC brick adapters works on higher than 12V DC voltage (usually 19V to 21V) 



  • 1 x of 7.4x5.0mm to 5,5x2.5mm plug adaptor