Double Side Universal Prototype Stripboard Circuit FR4 Board Printed PCB Arduino

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Material : FR-4 (glass fibre)
Thickness : 1.6mm
Fixing hole diameter : 0.9mm
Grid : 1 inch (2.54mm)

For sale a good quality, fibre glass, universal double side PCB. Board characterized by a 2.54mm rectangular grid of holes. All holes of this board are tin plated through. Both sides of  the boards looks identical.

It is a  good choice for Arduino and other DIY electronics projects. Following sizes available:

2x8cm(6x28 dots)
3x7cm(10x24 dots)
4x6cm(14x20 dots)
5x7cm(18x24 dots)
7x9cm(26x31 dots)
8x12cm(30x42 dots)
9x15cm(33x54 dots)
15x20cm(57x74 dots)

Mountig hole size for PCB dimension up to 5x7cm is 2.03mm

Mounting hole size for PCB dimension 7x9cm and above is 3.03mm

Please choose  desired  PCB size from a drop down menu.


  • 1 piece of FR-4 PCB