DuPont 2.54mm Plugs 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Male Female Connector Crimp Terminals

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Dupont plug/connectors

Material: ABS Plastic
Pitch: 2.54mm

Wire AWG: 28-18
Crimping capacity: 0.1-1.0MM²





For sale a following items:

  • DuPont black plugs, from 1 to 10 pins(please choose number of pin holes from a drop down menu) OR   
  •  DuPont plug male or female pins/connectors (please choose male pin or female connectors from a drop down menu)



We sell  all above items separately,  when choose  Dupond plugs  from menu , you will receive plugs only, WITHOUT metal connectors. When choose metal connectors from drop down menu, plastic dupond plugs will NOT be icluded, you will receive just metal connectors.

If you need more than one item (for example DuPont plugs + metal pins/sockets , please add each item set to the basket and then proceed to the checkout.

SN-28B Crimping Tool can be bought HERE



  • Pack of 10 Dupont black plugs (please choose desired plug size from a drop down menu),or
  • Pack of 10/100 Dupont metal male plug pins, or
  • Pack of 10/100 Dupont metal female plug connectors, o