High Speed CNC Spindle DC Motor ER11 Mount Bracket PMW Speed Controller 12-48V

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DC Voltage: 12-48VDC

Speed: 3000(12V)-12000(48V)r/min

Diameter: 52mm

Torque: 200W - 300mN.m,

300W - 400mN.m,

400W - 500mN.m,

Speed Controller: 12-60V operation, max. amperage 20A. 

For sale DC spindle motor for engraving/carving CNC machine.

Following VDC motors available: 200W, 300W, 400W.

Also  following items available:

  • PWM motor speed controller 12-60VDC
  • Aluminum motor 52mm diameter mounting bracket.

Please note that each item is sold separately. If PWM controller or Aluminium motor mounting bracket needed together with  spindle motor, please choose "Speed controller 20A"  OR "52mm Motor Mounting Bracket" option from a drop down menu, and add it to the basket, when all items placed in shopping basket, proceed to checkout. 


Motor's ER11 chuck coming without inside  clamp spring!!!
this part must be bought separately, it will NOT be provided ..... 



      • 200W, 300W OR  400W spindle  motor(12-48VDC)  with ER11 chuck OR
      • PWM speed 12-60VDC 20A controller OR
      • 52mm mounting aluminium motor bracket

 (please choose desired  item from a drop down menu)