Wire Isolation Rubber Grommet 5 6 7 8 9 10 12 15 mm Hole Cable Gasket Rings

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Material: soft PVC

Colour: black

Application: Electrical wires installation

For sale rubber cable wiring grommets.
These grommets can be used to safely install electrical wires through the metal plates/sheets of electrical devices/machines.
Grommets shouldn't be used for AC/DC voltage higher than 240V.
Please check from the diagram below  what dimension is required and choose right size from a drop down menu.

Important !

B  diameter  is the mounting hole diameter. This is diameter visible in a drop down menu! For example  for mounting hole(B) of 6mm diameter,  6mm rubber grommet should be chosen from the menu. Max  diameter of wire used for this grommet type is 4mm(please see diagram above).


  • 20 pieces of black rubber grommets or 
  • Assortment of all sizes(except 13mm which is unavailable)