2x DC Motor RC Airplane Helicopter Drone 408 412 612 614 716 820 5.5" Propeller

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For Sale 2 pieces of DC motors. These DC motors can be used for DIY projects or a replacement parts. Please measure your broken DC motor, and shaft before place order with us. 

 We also sell  5.5 inch Propeller suitable for 820 DC motor.


Model Body Dimension Speed (3.7V) Max Voltage Shaft Length Shaft Thickness Weight Current
408 4x8mm 48000 RPM 4.5V 2.15mm 0.7mm 1.5g 80mA
412 4x12mm 48000 RPM 4.1V 3.5mm 0.7mm 1.85g 80mA
612 6x12.5mm 53000 RPM 4.2V 3.5mm 0.8mm 2.0g 100ma
614 6x14mm 51000 RPM 4.0V 5.5mm 0.8mm 2.0g 100mA
614 6x14mm 51000 RPM 4.0V 4mm 0.8mm 2.0g 100mA
716 7x16mm 48000 RPM 4.1V 4mm 0.8mm 2.56g 100mA
716 7x16mm 48000 RPM 4.1V 6mm 0.8mm 2.56g 100mA
820 8x20mm 48000 RPM 4.2V 4.5mm 1.00mm 3.45g 120mA



  • 2 pieces of DC motor(please choose desired DC motor model from a drop down menu) or

  • 2 pieces of 5.5 inch propeller suitable for 1mm shaft DC motor (820 DC motor)