C-Beam Z Movement Linear Slide Actuator Bundle with Stepper Motor CNC 3D Printer

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Item: C-Beam Actuator

Stepper motor type: Nema 23

Length: 250mm, 300mm, 400mm & 500mm

Material: Extruded aluminium

For sale C-Beam actuator kit. It can be used  to build C-Beam or any other CNC/Laser/3D Printer machine.

We offer 4 different lenghts of  this actuator: 250mm, 300mm, 400mm, 500mm, all actuators contain Nema 23  stepper motors.

Length of the stepper motor wires is about 40cm.



    Length  of actuator provided in a drop down menu is the length of  aluminium extrusion profile used, not a movement  distance!

    Movement distance that mounting plate can travel is about 80mm less than  length of the extruded profile. For example: in 250mm C-beam actuator  movement  distance is about 170mm 


        • C-beam actuator (please choose desired length of the  item from a drop down menu)