Linear Mono B Single Channel 16mm Pot 20mm Shaft Volume Potentiometer B20K 20K Ohm

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Model : WH148
Material : Aluminium knob(with inner sleeve made of nylon, for easy potentiometer installation
Dimension : 16mm diameter standard potentiometer
Shaft Length : 20mm
Shaft Diameter : 6mm
Pin Spacing : 5mm
Rotation angle : 300 degrees
Type : Linear potentiometr, type "B"

For sale a good quality linear mono and stereo potentiometers
In this listing we also sell aluminium "hat" knobs suitable for using with our potentiometers. 
Knobs are available in a three colours: black, silver and gold.
Please choose desired item from a drop down menu.


If mono/stereo potentiometer chosen from a drop down menu, hat aluminium knob will NOT be supplied with potentiometer!!!
If aluminium hat knob chosen from a drop down menu, potentiometer will NOT be supplied with aluminium knob.
If potentiometer + knob required together, please add each item to the basket and then proceet to the checkout.



  • 1 piece of linear potentiometer  with  mounting  nut and washer or

  • 1 piece aluminum "hat" knob