DIY Aluminium 6mm Ø Heatpipe Cooling Clamp Mounting Bracket Radiator Pad

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Material : Aluminum
Dimension : 52x50x6mm, cavity depth - 5mm

Threaded hole size: M3

Screw holes spacing: 46mm
Application : DIY silent passive PC cases

Thermal radiator aluminum clamp is dedicated to be used with 6mm ∅ copper heat pipes. We recommend this  mounting pad for a DIY users who want to build fanless passive PC computer. Installation of this  thermal pad will require basic  DIY skills, as  drilling in aluminum radiator  will be required. As cavity in this aluminum pad are 5mm only, 6mm ∅ copper heatpipe need to be placed into the clamp cavity and squashed in vice first before install on the radiator, to receive result like on photo below:

Distance between threaded holes is 46mm - measured  from the centre to the centre o threaded hole.

This aluminum pad contain  4 x M3 threaded  holes for radiator mounting.  


  • 1 x 52x50mm aluminum heatpipe clamp
  • 4 x 8mm M3 Allen key Hex screws