MiniSys Multimedia HTPC Remote Controller MCE XBMC with Internal IR module DIY

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Model : MiniSYS remote controller
Dimension : 100 x 50 x 14mm
Color : Black
Packaging : N.W. 0.22KG, G.W 0.24KG
Application : HTPC, Mini ITX PC
Weight : 0.24Kg
OS compatibility : MCE, IMC2, XBMC (Windows and Linux)


One-key to start your HTPC platform, along with the multi-media center, watching HD movies, online-TV, news, pictures, and listening music, on your PC without standing up from your comfy sofa???
With MiniSys remote controller now it is possble! All controlled remotely, totally avoiding using mouse and keyboard.
MiniSys remote controller support power on/off function. It will bring you the real home theater experience, including movie selecting, sound volume adjusting, pause & play, fast forward and so on. Supported platform include MCE, IMC2, XBMC etc.



This Remote controller can be used  with any HTPC case , but case must have a front InfraRed window/hole. It's dedicated for DIY people who know how to install this IR module inside of the HTPC case as IR module coming without any fittings. So before you buy this remote controller please be sure that you're be able to install IR module which is powered from internal onboard USB2.0 port. 


  • MiniSYS Remote controller without batteries
  • IR internal receiver module