M66 Passively Cooled Fanless Chassis Silent Heatpipe HTPC mini ITX PC Case

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Model : M66
Material : sand blasted aluminum
Dimension : 200(W) x 216(D) x 66(H)mm
Color : Black
Form Factor : Mini ITX
Hard Drive Bays : 2 x 2.5 inch hard drive bay
Cooling System : Fanless heatpipe cooling (included)
Power Supply : Optional. DC-DC 12V Internal Power ATX board not included! Suitable DC board or AC-DC adapter must be bought separately from our store. 
Rear Expansion Slots/Sockets : DC in hole, 1 x WiFi antenna hole 
Packaging : N.W. 1.6KG G.W.: 1.9KG Each packed in neutral box (220*220*70mm)
Suggested max. processor TDP (W) : 77W(for 6 heatpie cooling  block) 


   We decided to release on market another cheap but good quality silent universal mini ITX HTPC case. We understand that there is a need for a cheap but good quality passively cooled HTPC case, as many of HTPC enthusiasts desire to own completely silent PC in their living room. There is a lot of similar cases on the market like for example Wesena or Streacom, but for unknown reason price of these cases is extremely high, which deters a potential buyers from purchase. There is another reason why  people afraid  to build passive, silent  systems - motherboard compatibility. Lots of  passively cooled cases can accommodate dedicated mini ITX motherboard models only. As result of our long research, we have designed a good looking, high quality chassis, which is able to accommodate any Intel 115x Socket mini ITX motherboards. We've tried to make this case as simple as possible to reach a low price level, and I believe we did it !  Price include universal heat pipe cooling system, so any Intel 115x socket motherboard can be used.


  • M66 case 
  • Heatpipe cooling system (3 or 6 heatpipes please choose)
  • Set of screws
  • Assemble manual leaflet